"We all have a story. Mine isn’t much different from many of you reading this. My battles with depression involved self-medicating with alcohol, which led me to a dark, somber place. A place I will never go back to. I haven’t always been the smiling, dancing, confident woman many of you see today. I’ve had to push, pull, climb and sweat to get to where I am today. The result of my hard work is feeling strong, inside and out. I get to be the best version of me. Living a balanced & healthy lifestyle has introduced me to a new world. This is the time I can say “I’m living my best life”. I have learned that with patience, planning, staying the course, putting in the work and having the dedication you can do anything that YOU want to do. Nothing or no one can break me, because I love myself more than anything or anyone could ever destroy! We all have a story, and this one is mine."

Katie W.

"Being active and healthy has been part of my life. Years passed and felt into the "so called life" routine. I became depressed and overweight. After struggling with it, I decided to get checked by a doctor. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome + Insulin resistant and discovered the reason behind lots of my symptoms. I then, decided to get back in shape and started lifting weights in combination with cardio and healthy nutrition lifestyle.

In 2011 I became a group fitness instructor as Zumba Instructor. It changed my life. In 2014, I did my first Bikini competition and competed in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, I decided to become a Personal Trainer and had expanded my fitness background with different fitness programs. And here I am!"

Zully N.

"I am stronger, leaner and have more energy and have lost more weight, inches and body fat than last year trying to do the challenge without professional help and guidance. The gym has become an important part of my regular lifestyle and I can't imagine it any other way and right by my side is my amazing husband Wayne.  The gym is like a huge extended family, we have both met so many wonderful people along the way and hope to continue going to Golds Gym for many years to come. This challenge maybe over, but we both are continuing on toward meeting our personal goals and we both love encouraging other people to do the same."

Sandi F.